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How to use it!

To demonstrate the true effect of Dry Hands... simply shake contents, then apply a small amount into the palm (about a 5c piece size) and spread evenly to both hands. Allow to air dry for approximately 15 seconds (blowing on hands will accelerate the drying process). For the best results, once evenly applied, do not continue to rub. A white powder may appear, it can be removed, yet the effectiveness of Dry hands will remain.

Once applied, we ask that you hold a club and enjoy the great feel of Dry Hands. Now place a couple of drops of water in your hands and watch how the water beads up and rolls away. Dry Hands is the only grip product that really repels moisture and water!

To further demonstrate the effectiveness of Dry Hands... pour a glass or large quantity of water on both hands and ask yourself if you have ever perspired this much or allowed your hands to get this wet in the rain. (The answer is obviously no). Now it's your turn to hit. Grab a towel and begin to wipe your hands. After about 3 seconds quit wiping. You'll be absolutely amazed at how well Dry Hands works! The gripping ability is unsurpassed being there is no moisture between the hands and the club.

It's obvious Dry Hands works for rain, but how does it handle Perspiration? Dry Hands works better than any anti-persperant lotion! Heres why:
We've all used underarm antiperspirants and we all know at some point we still perspire. Did you know you have more sweat producing pores in your hands than anywhere else? Other products try to block those pores, but one small application of Dry Hands exclusive formula gives you a long-lasting, moisture-repellent barrier. Wetness is gone, yet your skin is able to breath.

Now you can grip and rip, no sweat... even in the rain. As a favor, would you please share Dry Hands with your friends who are active in sports on both a competitive and recreational level. They will love the way Dry Hands improves their performance in humid or rainy conditions. You'll enjoy the satisfaction solving the age-old problem of slippery grips.

Please keep in mind, Dry Hands works great for all sports or work activities that require Dry Hands for optimal performance. Thanks in advance for helping to spread the word.