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Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting

Weight Lifting chalk, also known as Powerlifting chalk has been used by professional and amateur weight lifters for years. It was the perfect solution for slippery hands. Not only did it offer a mighty grip to the weight lifter, offering better stability, it also increased the traction thus minimising injury.
However, chalk proved to also have a negative aspect. Gyms all around the world were covered in white powder. Eventually the gyms had enough and displayed a no chalk policy, thus creating the need for better products to be developed. As a result Dry Hands was developed using the latest technology. Dry Hands offers a much better alternative to chalk.

Simply rub Dry Hands into your hands and your hands instantly become moisture resistant and therefore creating the perfect non-slip grip. The moisture is gone yet your hands are still able to breathe. Dry Hands offers a moisture resistant barrier that will give you the strength and non-slip grip that you need in the sport of weightlifting, body building, power lifting and all other weight sports. Even if you use gloves, you will find an added benefit in using Dry Hands and then putting your gloves on. The result is a non-slip moisture resitant system which work hand in hand.

Why is Dry Hands better than powders and chalks? It lasts longer, it does not leave powder on equipment and clothing. There is no greasy residue and it lets your hands breathe while still providing a moisture resistant barrier

There will always be a place for weight lifting chalk in this sport, you will still see professional weight lifters using chalk at the Olympics as it is a traditional process to dip your hands into the bucket of chalk right before lifting and this will no doubt never change. However, most weight lifters today during their training will use products like Dry Hands as an alternative and follow the hundreds of other sports that are catching on to the benefits of Dry Hands.


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