Dry Hands Australia - Buy Now
Dry Hands Australia - Buy Now


Non-slip hands for Ten Pin Bowling or Lawn Bowls

Whether its ten pin bowling or lawn bowling, Dry Hands will give that non-slip grip that you need to be on top!

Dry Hands is 100% effective in combating sweaty slippery hands by providing a moisture resistant barrier meaning a stronger non-slip grip. Dry Hands is loved by thousands of competitive players at both professional and amateur levels. Dry Hands is the must have accessory to any sporting bag.

Simply rub Dry Hands into your hands and your hands instantly become moisture resistant and therefore creating the perfect non-slip grip. The moisture is gone yet your hands are still able to breathe. Dry Hands offers a moisture resistant barrier that will give you the strength and non-slip grip that you will give you an edge over your opponents.

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