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Gloves and Dry Hands

Can you use Dry Hands and still wear gloves? Of course you can! In fact, you will find the results to be amazing. No longer will you need to remove your gloves because it is getting sweaty and slippery.

Many sports use gloves to provide that extra grip that they need. Tenpin Bowling, Lawn Bowls, Rock Climbing, Weight Lifting, Body building, Golf, Kayaking, Squash, Mountain Biking and the list goes on and on. Gloves on their own provide a good non-slip grip, however, gloves still allow the hand to sweat and moisture to build up inside the glove, thus creating the possibility for the glove to slip or lose it’s gripping quaility.

Therefore, we recommend the use of Dry Hands to support the glove. Apply Dry Hands to the hand and let dry for 15 seconds before putting on your gloves. You will be amazed at the extra hand strength and the non-slip grip you will achieve with gloves and Dry Hands working together. You will not have sweaty hands in your gloves and therefore the glove will fit perfectly and will not slip.
We welcome you to try our product today. You will be amazed with the results.

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