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Crossfit Trainers

Dry Hands has become very popualr with crossfit trainers. A CrossFit gym (or 'box') is typically a warehouse space filled with pull-up bars, barbells and weights, jump ropes, rowers, and kettlebells.

CrossFit will take the average gym enthusiast on a ride they have never ridden to push the mind and body to the limit.

Maintaining a good grip on the items used in crossfit is crucial, Dry Hands is the answer.

It's a vigorous workout that combines weight training, aerobics and gymnastics all in one so that you become fit in every area of your game - not just one.

The goal is to be functionally fit: push every aspect of your body to the max so that you're healthy, strong and in shape.

Not just so you can lift a tonne of weight or run a minute mile, but so you're fit to do anything that life throws at you - now or later.



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