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Dry Hands is a non-sticky solution that coats the golfer’s hands and creates a thin barrier against moisture. USGS members were impressed with Dry Hands’ ability to keep their hands dry through the rain and during hot, humid days. I tested Dry Hands on a cool drizzly morning. I dried my hands with a damp towel then applied the product. It dried the last of the wetness on my hands. Charter Member Robert Howard, Jensen Beach, FL I used Dry Hands in high humidity and hot weather, and this product helped me maintain my grip on the club. Charter Member Ted Lamp, Plantation, FL If you are the type of person who has wet palms, this product is for you. It does an excellent job of helping to keep your palms dry during humid or rainy conditions. Charter Member Gene Shanks, St. Cloud, FL Since I don’t wear a glove, it helped to keep my hands dry during humid conditions. Charter Member Mitch Gulliksen, Miami, FL

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